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The default password for a new user is matric number.

You're advised to change your password after first login.

For all enquiries please use the contact form or call +234 901 2843 995 .


The Overview

We'r pleased to have you here. The Online platform enables students to access online resources. These resources include student personal data, checking of results, etc.

We present to you the overview of our students' portal features as a guide.

My Profile

View, edit and print personal profile, academic, medical, and parent/guardian details

My Wallet

View wallet balance, statement of transactions and receipts for all payments

My Results

View and print current and previous terminal and cummulative academic results sheets

My Settings

View or change security settings. This include access password for the portal and other security details.


View recent and past announcement updates. This information is for the students only.

My Support

You can send us a message for any inquiry, we will be there for response or call +234 901 2843 995


Have some problems using the portal?

We have some few list of frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Visit .
  • Go to Portal >> Student Login.
  • Enter the login details in the space provided (these include; Portal Id and Password).
  • Click Login link below.
  • Obtain your result checker card from the school administrative department.
  • Login to the student portal.
  • Go to 'My Results' link.
  • Enter the result checker card details in the space provided (these include; PIN and Serial No.) as instructed.
  • Click Check Result link.
  • Once the result summary appeared onscreen.
  • Above the result summary is a bold 'Print Result' link; click to print the result slip.
  • Depending on the printer used, if the printer is black and white; the result slip will be as such and if the printer used is color; the result slip will be same.
  • You may however, tell the cafe attendant how (back or color) you want it.
  • This is because your passport image hasn't been uploaded.
  • However, you may do that by snaping passport photograph with a school uniform (only).
  • Login to the student portal.
  • Attach and upload the passport photograph through the 'My Profile' and submit.
  • And next it will show up on your result slip when you preview for printing.
  • We have 24/7 professional portal support, by opening a support ticket through the 'My Support' link. Don't worry, we will be there to respond asap.
  • However, we have a phone support through which you can put a call through.
  • You can also, contact the system administrator at the school premises.
  • We will be glad to assist you always.